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原文出處:《Light Energy Healing Workshops》








You are my children. I am your Father. I have walked the earth long before you came. I am your brother; you are all relatives to my consciousness. I see from the heart of you. I know within every thought of you. You have chosen to walk the path that follows the Light that I brought. I am Jesus. I have been known as Jesus the Christ. I am your overseeing teacher. The angels walk with me. The Spirit of Love comes from me. The wisdom is what is received through me. The Christ is the Light. The Consciousness of Christ is through the light. You are loved. There could never be anything less than love from me. I am your guide. I am that which brought wisdom, love and truth. Many followed through my path and shared their insight with you. You are in a new awakening of your Spirit. You are surrounded by all that assists you in growth. Life is a garden you are the flower that grows within it. A garden often becomes a weeded area of negative consciousness. But the weeds cannot overtake the beauty of love that grows within it.

The weeds will all grow side by side with those that bloom in the brightness of light. The weeds are like the thoughts that are a part of your conscious self. They were seeds planted long ago and they have grown tall and strong. Today your garden is being cleared and new seeds are being planted in your Mind; the seeds that come from the soul of you and the seeds that you inherited from the thoughts of others before you. The seeds contain the vision of your hope your vision and your soul’s intentions. When you water the seeds they sprout, the water is the conscious self that nurtures your great thoughts. The food, for the seeds come from the thoughts that you know are truth and these become the trees that grow in the future of your life.

My Light is seen in many ways, to color, through sounds, through touch. My presence is always there, it is not far away, it is within the thought of who you are. Ask and in my name it comes. … Seek and you will find what you have been looking for. Faith is the important ingredient to help your garden grow and trust allows it to become strong and flow. As you are my children, you are the mothers and fathers of other children that follow you. For every child who understands Love Is the Source of All, they become adults that bring the world into a better place. Some dreams become lost in the sea of doubt or fear, some dreams are crushed by the negativity and evil that surrounds its vibration.

But nothing evil can overcome the power of wisdom, truth and light. Always understand and know you are the children that god brought to planet earth. You are not always willing to return to this place, some of you are born with great fear of this opportunity, but still you choose to explore this adventure. And you wish to raise all around you what seems in negativity. Through all the changes that seem to arrive, you are the one that is changing and transforming. And out of this comes the gift you bring to earth and all its children.

My Presence never judges you, therefore let go of the judgments of yourself. You were born in innocence and yet awaken to a state of blame, shame and guilt. Soon these will be behind you, no longer hold you in its clutches but instead your freedom becomes absolute, for you have stepped into the Law of Grace.

I brought to physical earth the power of the Grace to be expressed, to allow each and all for their forgiveness, to be free to open to a new Reality The vibrations of your consciousness is touched by the Law of Grace, and all that you are, in this moment, is LOVE. You are touched by the light of Christ.

© A Course in Light
Taking a deep breath and trusting yourself, loving yourself without ‘if,’ ‘and,’ or ‘but.’

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